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Website Promotion

Website development and website design is the creation and delivery of a site on the web. Website promotion is giving the site the ability to walk independently.

The way a certain website is built and designed highly effects its promotion potential. In order to maximize our clients' sites exposure to visitors and search engines, we offer website promotion services, as part of our professional develop and design services.

Website promotion is, basically, several combined actions, including correct programming, precise website characterization, good copywriting and few defined marketing actions in a purpose to maximize website visibility on the web. A good website promotion requires experience and understanding of programming languages, search engines criterions, web surfers' behavior and even design.

The well known terms SEO and SEM are parts of website promotion. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the part in charge of making the website more friendly to search engines, and indirectly to visitors. search engine marketing (SEM) is the part of website promotion relating to marketing the website on search engines – for example, using AddWords services. Another option to promote a website is to combine SEO and SEM to an internet campaign which includes other promotion tools such as putting banner ads in relevant sites, writing Press Releases, advertising articles atc.

We also offer our website promotion and optimization services to already exist websites. Please contact us for more information.

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